Links from Japan

Links from Japan is now available for SEO. Article writer group had decided to spread its wings wide between different markets in Canada, US, India and others. Recently, it has also decided to enter the Japanese market. However, this new endeavor from the company is without the support and backing of its parent company Article Writer USA in any way since most of the writers are not operating to Japan. This news about them forming links to Japan was announced at a press event in Tokyo. After Article Writer Group is introduced to the market here in Japan, things would take a completely new turn in the way merchants and buyers operate and function.

Even when the links from Japan is associated in the market for payment gateway without having their parent company Article Writer Group with them, experts are of the opinion that Article Writer Team would certainly find many new users. This endeavor would be successful in a new way. Experts are also suggesting that Article Writer Team will have lots of Japanese retailers as users, because it is enabled to handle international sales. Article Writer Team has about 90 million users at present. At Article Writer Team, payment can be made in about two dozen internationally accepted currencies.

Article Writer Team was acquired by Article Writer Group in 2002. In the same year, Article Writer Group made the decision of establishing links from Japan. They did not compete with the market in Japan directly, but made a deal with Yahoo Japan, to let the shoppers have access to the sales at Article Writer Group through Yahoo Japan. Article Writer Team is deciding to handle the transaction by striking deals with merchants and different retailers who are primarily servicing the Japanese markets. This would effectively attract international business operations. Article Writer Team has established an office in Japan and is all set to increase its business operations here.

The authorities are only putting their hope behind this unique business line and anticipating a huge business transfer at a much faster rate through the online market in the country. Japan ranks as one of the world’s largest online marketplace. From being at the second largest position for online marketing, it is expected that the transaction through Article Writer Team would further improve and surpass expectations of an estimated $80 billion. The opportunities are the only reason that people are looking forward to this huge change. The news of links from Japan came in on July 28, 2010, when Mr. Andrew Pipolo, head of the operations for Article Writer Team, who was present at the press conference, spoke about the attempt.